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What do I list as the date a debt was incurred?



  • Stephanie harris

    Very helpful so far

  • Joseph Malfino

    What if I'm unable to determine the exact date a debt was incurred. I have a bill in collections for a Verizon cell phone bill that is on my credit report. I got the phone at a walmart years ago, and ended up homeless, lost the phone, never received a bill. I am unable to determine the exact date this debt was incurred. Any suggestions?

  • Brenda Siolo

    I am also wondering the same thing. Have several credit cards that have been in collection accounts.  I have no idea when the debt was incurred. wondering if I can put the date the collection agency shows as date, which is not the original date however.


    It has been at least 5 months since the last unanswered question. Well, I don't think you have to be that specific unless you really know when it happened. If you ever felt behind and then were able to catch up again, that doesn't count. They are looking for a situation where you started to fall behind and were never able to pay your debt in full. They want to find out if you had the idea that you couldn't pay your bills and were planning to apply for bankruptcy, but despite that, you went ahead and incurred more debts, abusing the bankruptcy system.


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